Bamboo Coffee Table and Bamboo Side Table

Bamboo Coffee Table and Bamboo Side Table

Urban Table Works is excited to introduce solid bamboo top additions to our Coffee Table and Side Table Selections.  They’ve always been available for order, but we now have images to view. Check them out on our Selections page under Coffee Tables and Side Tables.

Note: All of our tables are available with a solid bamboo or other hardwood top.  Images for other styles (e.g. console tables and accent tables) will be added soon.

Bamboo Coffee TableBamboo Side Table

Coffee and Side Table shown above in 1-ply caramelized bamboo with and edge grain surface.

The Difference is in the Tops

An alternative to our glass and marble top table design is our solid top table design.  The two types are similar in that the table bases are the same for both types, and the tops are made with a thickened edge, 1-1/2 inches total.  (If you’re interested in the look of a thinner 3/4 inch top just let us know).  The difference is that while one style has a framed top display shelf with glass, the other is a solid bamboo or hardwood top without glass.   All of our solid top tables are available in any of our options such as natural bamboo, caramelized bamboo or walnut/other hardwoods.  Bamboo is further available in an edge-grain surface or flat grained surface.  Either type is available with or without an overhang. You can find most options on our Selections and How to Order pages.  For more information feel free to contact us directly.

The Result

Our solid top tables are not only our favorites but also are our most affordable tables.  Their look is not only clean and simple, but refined and distinct, making them truly versatile. If you have any questions drop me a note at   If you happen to be in downtown Beloit, WI stop by the Villager to check  out these and other selections in person.  Thanks for reading.

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